will return

Here's just some of what happened in 2015

Eímear Noone

Ireland's queen of game music returned to perform in her home country for the first time in 15 years, and brought with her a slew of the biggest names in score composition and performance.

Tommy Tallarico

Tommy brought his trademark showmanship to the Festival, conducting interviews with guest speakers, offering advice at a demo derby, and rocking out with his Guinness World Record-holding show, Video Games Live.

Christopher Tin

Christopher's Grammy Award-winning Baba Yetu was one of the most popular throughout the Festival, being covered by nearly every group who performed. Christopher himself conducted the piece at the Video Games Live concert on the final night.

Russell Brower

Russell brought his charm and wit to the Festival, offering a unique insight into his path to becoming a game composer and the workings of Blizzard Entertainment during his talk.

Neal Acree

Neal discussed his approach to composing for the cinematic sequences in games, as well as showing off his skills by conducting one of his scores at Video Games Live.

Jillian Aversa

Jillian brought her haunting soprano vocals to Video Games Live, as well as introducing the audience to music website OC Remix during her talk with her husband Andrew.

Craig Stuart Garfinkle

Craig took the audience through the technical process of creating music for games, as well as MCing the first two days of talks and performances.

Triforce Quartet

Stanley, Jake, Chris, and Chad performed string quartet covers of some of the best known gaming tracks for the audience both at the Festival, as well as at the US Ambassador's Residence.

JJ McNamara

A young Irish piano prodigy, JJ took a break from winning a multitude of awards to perform renditions featuring some of his favourite classical pieces fused with game music.

Video Games Live

The festival closed with the return of Video Games Live to Dublin for the first time in six years, featuring the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland, joined by members of the Maynooth University Chamber Choir and the Enchiriadas Chamber Choir.

DIT Irish Traditional Music Ensemble

The DIT Irish Traditional Music Ensemble played a world-first: Irish traditional music covers of game music. Mixing Celtic-inspired tunes from Zelda and Assassin's Creed with trad ballads and tunes, made for a stirring performance.

Classroom Battles

Classroom Battles brought a unique mix of electronic music, jazz, and more as they recreated themes from a variety of retro Sonic the Hedgehog games, with stunning original psychedelic visuals to accompany them.

Demo Derby

The best and brightest upcoming game composers presented their works to a panel of our guests for their consideration. A fantastic opportunity for feedback from industry experts!

Spoony Bards

Hailing from Northern Ireland and donning their finest cosplay, the Spoony Bards set out to raise the roof and rock out with their remixes and tunes from their favourite games.

US Embassy Creative Minds

The US Ambassador to Ireland, Kevin O'Malley, hosted a Creative Minds session featuring a panel consisting of our special guests composers. The Triforce Quartet also played a set at the event, which was attended by a selection of Irish creatives from all fields.


Thursday night featured the CosBall, with a whole host of our attendees dressing themselves up (and down!) in dungarees, jackets, shawls, and many other forms of clothing as they celebrated their favourite characters in gaming.